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slept and panicked residents ran into the streets. >> i have never felt an earthquake like that before. you see it on tv. you see that destruction that happens from an earthquake. when it's happening and you're braced in a doorway -- >> reporter: aftershocks continued hours after the quake. power, water and sewage services have been affected in a number of areas. >> we have no power, no water. >> it's very noisy. it moved around a lot. it shook hard and it seems to take a long time to stop. >> reporter: in a christchurch suburb, one giant crack cuts across a road. the city council declared a state of emergency. police say there was some looting wu it was quickly brought under control. the civil defense minister john carter is urging residents to stay calm. >> please don't panic. be sensible, be safe. >> reporter: a process that will take time and patience.
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cnn, atlanta. tropical storm earl breezed by the u.s., but when the storm made landfall in eastern canada today it downed trees and knocked out power. susan candiotti stood watch on cape cod, massachusetts. >> reporter: the day after tropical storm earl passed by it's a beautiful day here on cape cod. we don't know how much all the hurricane perceptioreparations t the mayor is praising the agencies for what they did and how residents prepared by buying storm supplies ahead of time and not clogging the roads to evacuate if they didn't have to. one of the people we met is 88-year-old georgia who decided to ride out the storm at her home on nantucket island.
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she spent the evening with burritos for dinner and a margarita. >> we stayed here. i took the dog out for a long walk in the rain. i thought it was probably the nor'easter we had ten days ago gave us more rain. it wasn't bad. >> reporter: after the fourth of july, labor day weekend here in the u.s. is the second biggest holiday weekend for hotel owners here on cape cod. of course because of tropical storm earl, a lot of people didn't show up or cancelled reservations. so hotels took a beating. hotel owners are trying to take things in stride. >> 60% of the business isn't here today. we're at 40% occupancy. we would normally be sold out. this is a big weekend to end the summer with a bang. we'd rather have it like this than cleaning up debris. >> reporter: the governor says there was little damage throughout the state.
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susan candiotti, cnn, yarmouth, massachusetts. >> all right. thank you very much. meantime, these are pictures sent in by ireporter brian shaw of bedford, nova scotia. he took them around 9:30 local time, about a half an hour before tropical storm earl made landfall in the canadian provinces. lots of tree branches down. you can see the wind, rain, all that stuff. pretty typical of what nova scotia experienced. >> absolutely. this was a powerful tropical storm. there is quite a bit of damage and thousands are without power. another example of that from brian nelson from halifax. look at what the winds did in his neighbor's yard, bringing down trees. this has been a common sight today. the storm is moving so fast. it's out of nova scotia into the gulf of saint lawrence to newfoundland.
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this is moving at 40 miles per hour which is fast but it is caught in a cold front that helped keep the storm at bay for the u.s. so it will accelerate to the north east and lose its tropical characteristics and be an area of low pressure and eventually pull out of here. that's good news. here we have two other tropical systems that we need to keep an eye on that have the potential for development over the next couple of days. this is a very active time of year. what kind of damage do we have in the u.s.? we had some power outages, trees down, power lines down. take a look at the wind gusts from massachusetts and new york. up to 60 miles per hour. so that can cause damage in areas. we're watching the east coast throughout the weekend. it's the holiday weekend. the storm is gone. it is gorgeous -- this is like the best weekend we have had in
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forever. highs in the 70s to middle 80s. but the water is still dangerous. it takes a while from all that churning from the hurricane -- >> to settle down. >> and we have advisories all the way up and down the east coast, even in florida. that storm is way up here. don't go to a beach without a life guard. stay out of the ocean water if you can. >> knee deep. if you're at the beach, i'm sorry. it's hard not to do a dip. >> no higher than knees, i'm going to say. make sure there is a lifeguard and the flag's flying, go away. >> looks are deceiving. people are like, oh, yay, we can get out there and they forget the dang ser is lurking. >> and not everyone is 5'10" like you. their knees are shorter. >> thanks for that. coming up next, my interview
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with legendary tennis champ martina navratilova about the toughest challenge she's ever faced -- breast cancer -- and how she's beating it. [v:tv][c
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yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. tennis great martina navratilova is facing her biggest competitor ever -- breast cancer. navratilova was diagnosed in february. yesterday i sat down with her and here's what she told me about the fight of her life. give me an idea what that period was like between diagnosis and lumpectomy. >> i only had three weeks between the diagnosis -- i went to see the doctor the next day. i was to play in an exhibition in palm springs to raise money for haiti. my first thought is i can't play tennis in front of 12,000 people. i need to settle down and take
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care of myself. i said, tennis gets me through everything. so i got ready and three days after that i played with steffi graf, lind si athan. three weeks later i was playing lindsay davenport in minneapolis. so i had something to look forward to always. when i had radiation, i went and played at the french open, worked for tennis channel, played at wimbledon. tennis got me through tough times. so i'm fortunate i had that in my life and a positive attitude gets through stuff. i had both. so it was a difficult time, no doubt about it. it was really difficult once i went public. that was the most exhausting thing. when i found out i was positive. second most exhausting was the day i went public and had to
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talk about it. that took the most out of my me actually. i'm glad i did it. >> difficult because you felt you had to answer questions or difficult because this would ordinarily be a private battle and this was something you had to open up, even as a public person you had to open up and explain away, reveal publically. >> just because i think if i could do it once and be done with it, that would be great. but the repetition of it is difficult. now it comes up with err interview. people say, are you okay? yeah, i'm great. really? yeah, i'm fantastic. thank you. so my hair, i didn't have to do chemo. i dobdged a bullet. people are looking at me like, you look great. thanks, it's makeup. >> thanks for asking, but stop it. >> exactly. i have been cancer-free since
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march. the radiation took a lot out of me in june. my breast is still sore, but nothing to worry about. i'm as good as new. hopefully will be better. >> back to while you were playing while novatna knew, your doubles partner. she was at your side during much of this, did the other players have any idea at the time of you continuing to play, even before radiation that you were going through this? >> they did. i went public in april. everybody knew. the players were very support e supportive. even the guys were sending notes or calling. most of the women i played with, everett, schriver, king. that's where facebook comes in handy. i got messages from people i hadn't heard from in 30 years. very touches. i still get a lot of support.
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after i went public i got a lot of letters and notes on facebook and otherwise from women who had either gone through the same thing or were thanking me for making them remember to go to the doctor and a few that something was found and they nipped it in the bud. those are people i know about. i felt empowered, humbled and happy i did this. i know that i helped some women detect what they had earlier. that's why i did it. initially i went to robin roberts and she said, i'm glad you're doing this. let's go save some lives. i thought, oh, my god, i can make a difference in somebody's life. you don't walk away from that. >> she's making a huge difference. she's also done a triathlon. she did it a couple week afc her diagnosis of breast cancer. she's planning to hike mount
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kilimanjaro that helps kids around the world have safe places to play sports. this documentary follows the tennis star start to finish from the tennis star through treatment for breast cancer. she's in london, paris and battles the deadly disease. we're there along the way. that airs in a few minutes at 4:30 eastern time. again at 7:30 tonight. a rising death toll and a race to save survivors after a mountain of debris crashes down on a village in china. surance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message. "hello." calculator humor. i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive.
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a look at top stories now. after putting much of the east coast on alert all week, earl has lost some of its punch. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's drenching neighborhoods to the north of nova scotia. the storm is packing 75 miles per hour winds affecting weekend plans across the canadian maritimes. new zealanders are counting their blessings after a powerful earthquake shook the south island. the 7.0 quake caused widespread damage but no deaths.
4:18 pm
two people are being treated for serious injuries. the death toll is climbing days after devastating mudslides hit southwest china. 21 people are confirmed dead. there is a desperate race against time to find 27 others who are missing. land slides swept away a mountain village in unan province. thousands of human rights demonstrators marched in paris today. many holding signs attacking nicolas sarkozy. the protest was partly sparked by government raids targeting the roma population, commonly known as gypsies. thousands have been returned toro mania and pull gbulgaria. some natural rised citizens have been found guilty of crimes. action, suspense and how about a romantic comedy? there is something for everybody at the movie this is weekend. are they worth your dime? a movies preview is next. i gonna be great.
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a little action, a little suspense. all that hitting the theaters this weekend. then of course a romantic comedy that's sure to get a few laughs. cole dab any of the austin news critics association joins us from texas with some of the movies on tap here. how are you? >> i'm good. >> let's begin with "the american," george clooney. all you have to say is george clooney and people are excited about a movie. it's "the american," great suspense, a thriller. let's take a peek at what it's about. >> take a right, then the second left. you will see a dark blue fiat. i have marked a small town on
4:23 pm
the map. astelvakia, stay there. lay low until you get my call. don't talk to anyone. above all, don't make any friends, jack. you used to know that. >> okay. should i be intrigued there? maybe that's not a super great clip, but tell me why i should like that movie. >> well, i give it a b plus. it's a good movie. it's well made. aesthetically it's great. george clooney is a guy hired to create a weapon for an assassin in rome. we don't know why and it doesn't seem to matter. director anton corbin whose film "control" you may have seen in 2007. he really crafts every scene to matter. they build upon one another. the cinemaing to if i is great.
4:24 pm
the movie looks great, but it's slow. for a wide release it has an art house feel. it's for more mature audiences. it's definitely worth checking out. >> if it's moving slow and a thriller, the dialogue is pretty important. you say good writing in that flick? >> it is. it's well written. the dialogue is very minimal. there is not a lot of talking going on. like i said, the shots are great. there is a lot of good-looking stuff in there. there's not a lot of talking. everything they say matters. >> let's go the distance in "going the distance." this is a romantic comedy withdrwit with drew barrymore and justin long. >> hey! >> what are you doing here? >> that sucked. >> i know. that was terrible. >> i can't end it like this. >> neither can i.
4:25 pm
>> that car ride was the worst. >> so awkward. >> so awkward. >> i freaked out. >> who doesn't love drew? am i going to like this? >> i think you will. i wasn't expecting much going into it. for a romantic comedy it was solid. i give it a b minus. if you're a guy and your girlfriend is dragging you to a movie it's funny. drew plays a graduate student on internship in new york. she falls in love with a record label scout played by justin long. are they in a real life relationship? we don't know. i saw her on a talk show this week and, you know, she's close-lipped about that. it makes for a more mysterious on-screen relationship. >> b minus is the grade on that. >> yes. what works here is the supporting cast.
4:26 pm
charlie day from "always sunny in philadelphia," jim gaffigan. all very funny. >> okay. >> it made me laugh. >> so cole, real quick -- i'm sorry to rush you, but we are running out of time on the segment. the last movie is "machete" with jessica alba and -- really? lindsay lohan? we won't gate chance for the clip. >> i give it an a. i loved it. it was made here with robert rodriguez. they make high quality movies on a low budget. great supporting cast. the movie was conceived out of a faux trailer from his previous film, "grindhouse." danny trehill is an ex-federale. he goes on a killing spree. >> an a. >> the gore is over the top.
4:27 pm
the violence is ridiculous. >> but you liked it, cole. you gave it an a. that's awesome. next time we're going to make more time, i promise. >> okay. yeah. no problem. thanks for having me on. >> thank you very much with the austin film critics association. have a great holiday weekend. >> i appreciate it. you, too. >> i'm fredricka whitfield. now we have the great documentary many of you have been waiting for all day. martina navratilova. nsurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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1.3 million women worldwide will hear the words "you have breast cancer," four words that will change their lives forever. that single moment will become a turning point, the start of a tenacious battle against a killer. the day she heard those few words, martina navratilova cried. a woman who defected from czech, who many considered the best tennis player who ever lived, now braced for the fight of her life. in this rare half hour, navratilova allows you into her personal battle with cancer. you are going to walk with her through radiation, meet her doctor and support team. find out what martina navratilova believes saved her life.
4:32 pm
>> it's like my second home. it's going to be a sweet homecoming in a way, i think. i'm playing with novotna. we'll see what happens. i'm pretty confident. she's hitting a lot. we'll have been playing for mentme tennis than anyone out there. >> reporter: they have a lot in common. they are both czech tennis pros, both wimbledon champions. navratilova dominated the competition in the late '70s, '80s and early '90s. she won the women's single title nine times. she has more titles than any
4:33 pm
other man or woman. in 2010, martina navratilova and novotna reunited to play the legends at wimbledon. but navratilova would be playing two days after completing an intensive course of cancer treatment. >> when i finally heard that news that martina does have a breast cancer, i was really worried and very saddened by the news. it's like disbelief almost. you're like, martina? sick? that cannot be. >> while i had a mammogram in january and they said i need to come back for a closer look. in february, i went back and they magnified it and said, well, there is a cluster. we'll probably do a biopsy to be sure. i went to denver to get the biopsy on tuesday. they said, looks pretty good,
4:34 pm
shub kn should be nothing. wednesday, my doctor called and said, are you sittingi down? it came back positive. >> the type of cancer remains in the ducts of the breast. >> reporter: navratilova was struck with the most common type of noninvasive cancer. it is known as ductalcarcinoma in situ. this cancer starts inside the milk ducts. in navratilova's case, the news is encouraging because the cancer is isolated and had not spread to the surroundinging tissue. like more than a million women worldwide, the diagnosis came as a shock. she didn't feel sick at all. she was the picture of health and fitness.
4:35 pm
>> i heard on february 24th which is kind of my 9/11. you don't forget that date when your life is basically changed forever. although i did not hear the word "cancer." i heard "your biopsy is positive." positive is usually good. what does that mean? the first thought is this can't be happening. i was in denial for about two second. then i cried for, i don't know, a minute. then i said, okay, what do we do? >> reporter: in navratilova's case, the relatively good news is that the cancer is isolated and has not spread to the surrounding tissue. >> this course of radiation therapy usually lasts six week and is given through everyday treatment, five days a week for the whole course of treatment.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: navratilova struggled with how to tell other it is news. she had to come to terms with the surgery and about 25 radiation treatments that lay ahead. >> when i was first diagnosed with dcis, i thought i would keep it private, keep it quiet. no one needs to know. it's a very personal issue, of course. i wanted to save my energy for fighting it. i talked to friends who said, oh, i need to go for my mammogram. i realized how many women put it off and i would use it as a platform to remind women to take care of themselves and go for the yearly check-up. >> reporter: word that cancer had touched the athlete, martina navratilova, was amazing news. >> particularly in england when the story broke -- when i broke it, i was on the front page of most newspapers in england. it was like, whoa. and the story got bigger and bigger. >> i was shocked by the newspaper. i was here in london. i couldn't believe it.
4:37 pm
>> i have so many friend who is have breast cancer. i was thinking, oh, my gosh. that just shows you. you never know. >> reporter: despite the diagnosis, navratilova refused to slow down. like so many women in that situation, she wanted to continue with at least a semblance of normal life. >> i had a chance to practice with martina two days before she left to indian wells to do the hit for haiti. we played and i said, martina, are you sure you want to do this? maybe you should go home and take care of yourself, don't do anything. knowing martina, you have to understand that she feels the best when she is busy. she feels the best when she is on a tennis court. >> reporter: on march 15, navratilova, surrounded by her support team, traveled to the u.s. state of colorado for the
4:38 pm
first stage of her treatment, a lumpectomy. it is a surgical procedure to remove the lump and some of the tissue around the area. it is a breast-preserving surgery. far less radical than a mastectomy. it typically takes 15 to 40 minutes. scarring is minimal. but the lumpectomy is only one step on the journey to become cancer-free. >> i didn't have to have chemo. the surgery was minor. i was out of the hospital that day. radiation, not chemo. nothing to knock me on my butt and really suffer from. i was fortunate that i got the kind of cancer that you can control this way. >> reporter: less than two weeks after surgery, she's on a bike, competing in a triathlon relay in hawaii. >> we usually encourage women to keep their physical activity during their course of treatment. we also encourage them to keep their working activity if they
4:39 pm
can. i think it's an important component of the rehabilitation for treatment and be able to continue with a normal life and with a social life. >> narrator: navratilova was determined to challenge disease just as aggressively as she would any opponent. as any woman who battled cancer can tell you, it is an elusive opponent. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you?
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4:42 pm
said when you can hit a fore hand, i'll start teaching you. that was the beginning of my tennis career. >> reporter: martina navratilova would soon be on her way to becoming the most successful tennis player of all time. the one opponent standing in the way of her was the czechoslovakian government. she faced more pressure to play according to the government's rules or risk never playing abroad again. >> my dad says, if you're going to leave, don't come back. no matter what we say, don't come back. and don't tell your mom. >> reporter: a bold decision at 18 years old. drawing upon the reserves of courage acquired through her years in competitive sports, martina navratilova said good-bye to her homeland and her life as she knew it. she defected to the united states. >> of course i'm so happy with how my life turned out. but i regret the fact that i had
4:43 pm
to leave so that i missed those years with my family. that's the one thing you can never have back. >> reporter: navratilova's success and her bravery abroad struck a chord with another tennis player growing up in czechoslovakia. jana novotna heard of martina navratilova from a young age. >> i remember clearly sneaking into center court, standing on the stairs, trying to take a peek when she was playing in one of her matches. i remember. it was a great experience. >> reporter: now, a quarter century later, navratilova and novotna are together on the court, older and part of the french open legends tournament. navratilova is determined to play despite the diagnosis but the tennis partner and coach, part of the support team, are concerned about her health. can she take the strain of the match amid the media attention.
4:44 pm
>> we are going to create a family for her, for this time being, for this six weeks. we are going to do everything we can to become her mom, her dad, friends, cook, drive her, whatever she needs from us, we are there. make her laugh, have fun on the court, work out, laugh a lot. i know the more you laugh, you always get five more years to live. so we laughed a lot. >> reporter: the next stage of navratilova's treatment, radiation, will begin on may 12. radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy is a highly targeted, effective way to destroy tumors that may have escaped surgery. she will receive radiation therapy four to six times a week
4:45 pm
for six weeks. >> this is for those diagnosed early in the course. thanks to mammograms. >> it worked out that i could get it done in paris. that would be week three and four of radiation during the french open. those would be the only two weeks i would be working during the six weeks of the radiation. i will have a pretty easy go, i think. >> i started the radiation. i'm on week two right now. it's a six-week process. they say you get tired maybe week four, five, six. it's very individual. i'm feeling nothing. it's weird. you lay on the table and the treatment only lasts three or four minutes. they organize you and this scarf is not just a statement. i'm marked on my breast where the radiation goes so that you're positioned just right on the table. once they get you organized, it's like two minutes.
4:46 pm
it's weird laying there. you're getting rays put into your body that are making sure the cancer hopefully doesn't come back, but at the same time it's killing good cells as well. it's this mixed emotion about it. four treatments. so far so good. it starts in three days. i'm excited about that. >> i think this match is the final. >> reporter: like hundreds of thousands of women dealing with cancer worldwide, there is little time for navratilova to dwell on how she's feeling. she's got to get to work. >> she's done it. third break point of the match. just long. she's not going to beat herself. you're going to have to take it to her. >> reporter: a lifetime of tennis knowledge makes her invaluable. before the booth each morning martina must get her targeted dose of radiation.
4:47 pm
>> it just feels weird laying on that table, getting zapped with poison basically. but it's poison that will help you in the long run. the players have been very supportive, and the whole tennis community. again, it's like a family. it's like an extended family. it's been great to get the support from them. i have given a lot to the tennis game, to the tennis community and now i'm taking it right back. >> reporter: navratilova's day is long from over. now it's her turn to play. this is an important outing. fans are going to see her play for the first time since her diagnosis. >> you know, you just play a match and you don't know if the clapping is for my career, feeling sorry for me or a combination. there are a lot of well wishers there and people empathizing, wishing me well. it's nice to get that kind of energy. [ applause ]
4:48 pm
>> she always made the effort to go out, play. that's what she loves to do. she needed the exercise to get rid of all of that -- that tiredness and just sitting in the commentary box. so it was very hard. and i think that when we played our first match it was great. the atmosphere was really, really nice. the stadium was full. she felt really good. >> narrator: martina navratilova and jana novotna overpowered their opponents. but martina's toughest day is yet to come.
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i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. it's getting a little sore and i'm getting a little rundown. i take the steps two stories and i'm getting more tired when i get to the top these days. overall, just a little sore. sort of like a pressure, you know, on the breast. like somebody just puts it in a grip and doesn't let go. it's not horrible yet. we'll see. hallelujah. i can sit down.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: one side effect of radiation therapy is exhaustion, caused as thebody works to repair damage to healthy cells. typically fatigue occurs in the later weeks of treatment. >> my worst day was friday of the fourth week which was the day of. i think beplayed thursday and saturday. friday, i went to hit and i was so tired i lasted about 15 minutes. i had to stop. i had no energy. it gets worse usually. so saturday was not as bad a day. but, yeah, that was my second worst day. >> reporter: often, women try to take it easy near the end of radiation therapy, but that really wasn't an option more martina navratilova. as she fought through the exhaustion, her support team looked on in concern. >> she was in pain. she was very tired. i felt like she would maybe pass out or something like this. i was very scared for her. but that day in the final -- the
4:52 pm
willpower of not even saying -- she didn't say she doesn't feel good. you just knew it. i was scared for her. you know, maybe you're pushing a little bit too much right now. >> when you are playing with martina is one thing. when you're playing with martina and you know everything she's going through, it's very emotional. i remember i really wanted to win this match. not just to win because we like to win, but just to do it for her. [ applause ] >> reporter: the pair won the french open legends tournament convincingly. >> i played better in the second set. i was tired in the first. wasn't seeing the ball. i warmed up.
4:53 pm
played better. jana played well. >> reporter: navratilova was ready for a break after the french open. she wanted time for herself out of the limelight to complete her remaining two weeks of radiation. >> i'm looking to the finish line. i'm looking forward to that. >> in the beginning, it's a long way ahead. it's better not to really think about it. >> so i had a slight case of depression last week. this week i have been better. a little jumpy. a little on the soft side, easier to cry. i cry pretty easily anyway. it's hard to measure. but, you know, a little more grumpy. but controllable for the most part. >> reporter: june 16th, the day martina navratilova had looked forward to for a while -- the day of her last radiation treatment. >> today, when i took a shower my breast was really sore for the first time. i know some of the side effects
4:54 pm
are you don't want anything to touch your skin because it's so sensitive. today i felt uncomfortable for the first time. it went away after five or ten minutes. now i feel fine. >> reporter: on this morning, navratilova had her tennis partner by her side. >> the last drive she was very happy. she was walking up the street. she had the biggest smile on her face already. she's like, last one, one more to go. >> the last minute when i was on the table, i wanted to rebel and just get off. i wanted to run away, but i stayed there. i didn't want to give the nurses a heart attack. but i wanted to control it instead of it controlling me. i ended up being a good girl, as usual and stay there had. >> i'm like rocky. i'm dancing! >> as soon as she was out of there she was so happy, so relieved. i told her, i hope that you will never have to go through this again. >> everybody's so excited. i'm getting so many texts and
4:55 pm
e-mails. last day, hallelujah! we're going to have a party tonight to celebrate. it's a different kind of celebration, but a celebration nevertheless. it was like saying [ bleep ] you. i'm out of here. never again. i'm never going to see you again. done. finished. [ applause ] >> you did it! >> reporter: a circle of close friends celebrate martina navratilova's milestone. her radiation treatments finally finished. >> the doctor said i may feel depression now that it's finished and i have nothing left to do. no way am i going to be depressed. i'm so happy. i have been waiting for a long time. >> reporter: like all women who have been diagnosed with cancer, she will see her doctor regularly for follow ups to ensure there is no recurrence. she'll also have a mammogram every six months. >> just being in the waiting room here and seeing all the women. half of them have a wig on.
4:56 pm
they're all marked, you know. we have the same markings. the strength of women really came through for me in this. i feel that i caught it when i did, i didn't wait another year. oh, i'll just do that mammogram later and followed up. i did things i was supposed to do and now i'm done with it. i'll be meticulous now about going to the doctor, getting the six-month and one-year check-ups. i'm not going to let that lapse again. >> reporter: two days after her final radiation treatment in paris, navratilova returns to wimbledon. it's a familiar trip, one she's made every year since 1973. >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling better every day. yeah. physically and emotionally.
4:57 pm
i really feel like i'm picking myself up. i'm looking forward to getting on the court with my energy level now almost back to normal. >> reporter: navratilova and novotna won all three of their matches and earned a place in the final. [ applause ] >> reporter: at the age of 53, there is yet another entry in wimbledon's history books for martina navratilova. this time with novotna by her side. [ applause ] >> reporter: with the fans on their feet, navratilova and novotna celebrate their title with one final victory lap. >> now i'm happy that i get to rest and sort of take care of myself. i really hadn't had a chance to cry. even since i was diagnosed i have been pretty nonstop. i'm glad to have some time in july and august to myself and really reset the clock. you know, re-evaluate everything. i think -- a lot of people still
4:58 pm
thought it was a much more serious surgery and chemo and all this. it was just radiation. "just" radiation. so i feel i escaped the big "c." that's a scary word. i learned a lot. you know, i hope i don't have to go through something like that for a long time. but if it happens again, i'll be ready.
4:59 pm
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